Professional Services Offered

Veterinary legal education and professional expertise related to animal welfare are frequently requested offerings. The very cornerstone to our work is advancing the veterinary profession through the protection of animal health and welfare. AVLS offers the expertise to help veterinary medical professionals fulfill the Veterinarian's Oath to better use their scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society.  We welcome the opportunity to explore other ways we can use our expertise to serve you. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Veterinary Law & Ethics

Animal & Veterinary Legal Services, PLLC provides a variety of educational services and training to ensure veterinary professionals have the most current information and skills needed to enhance medical record keeping, client communication tools, and compliance with professional guidelines and to help ensure that the standard of care provided satisfies legal and ethical requirements for the profession. This training may be accomplished through lectures, workshops, or specialized training programs for individual clinical staff, state or regional veterinary associations, or specialty organizations based on the client needs.

Examples of Services:

  • Develop curriculum and instructional materials on veterinary law and ethics for veterinary students in pre-clinical courses and throughout rotations.
  • Lead workshops and review medical records for clinical practices to improve quality of care and consistency resulting in decreased liability.
  • Contribute to research articles and educational publications such as serving as an American Veterinary Medical Law Association co-author for a white paper on “Vaccine Liability Issues for Veterinarians.”
  • Presented on legal trends that impact the practicing veterinarian and developed specific recommendations based on the audience needs at an annual state veterinary medical association continuing education meeting.
  • Provided peer review of “Legal and Ethical Issues in Human-Animal Medicine” chapter in Human-Animal Medicine: Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses, Toxicants, and Other Shared Health Issues; authored by written by Rabinowitz, R. and Conti, L. published by Saunders in 2010.
  • Offered continuing education at a local veterinary medical association chapter on “Changes in Veterinary Medicine to include Pet Guardianship and the Recovery of Non-Economic Damages.”

Animal Welfare

Animal & Veterinary Legal Services, PLLC can provide a variety of educational services and training to help develop knowledge and abilities in animal welfare for both veterinary students and the profession. Additionally, AVLS offers expertise on animal cruelty prevention, animals in disasters, and animal welfare related to international trade.

Examples of Services:

The professional services listed are just examples of past and frequently requested services. We welcome the opportunity to explore other ways we can use our expertise to assist you. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs.